Begarin offers comprehensive and feature laden services, complemented with professional staff and experience. Our team are accomplished multi-skilled IT professionals from the science and business sectors, so we are able quickly understand your business and technical environments.

In addition to our own services, we are able to offer customers extended services (i.e. Casino Management Systems, Software application development) from our established network of partner companies.  We offer these with Begarin managing the effort to provide solutions to a customer’s exacting requirements.

Our Services Cover

  • General consulting
  • Diagnostics services
  • Web services – domain names, hosting, design, build, maintenance
  • Network security
  • Network infrastructure
  • Network and server logging, monitoring and diagnostics
  • Network and server performance monitoring
  • Server systems
  • Server rooms/datacentres
  • Custom applications development
  • Open-source applications
  • Open-source operating systems
  • Risk assessment
  • Cloud-based storage
  • Cloud-based application services
  • Virtualisation of network infrastructure
  • Virtualisation of systems
  • VPN links














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If your need is not listed here, please ask us as we are capable of providing most IT related services,

  • Administrative:
    – provision of customer relationship management database
    – assistance (content, layout, graphics), Business plans
    – effective Records Management tools and methodology
    – IT tools and time-management techniques
    – provision of IT policy, compliance reports
    – software and hardware asset management system
  • Automation:
    – workflow assessment and tools
  • Casino:
    – IS/IT/CMS consultancy for land/sea/online
    – online presence management
  • Cloud:
    – network infrastructure, servers, off-line file storage, notes and contacts management
  • Compliance:
    – monitor, segregate or regulate internal network traffic
    – regulate internal network traffic going to the Internet
    – assessment, Audit reporting
  • File storage:
    – naming conventions,
    – life-cycle management methodology, versioning and backup
  • General:
    – IS consulting (architecture, risk, security, information storage)
    – IT consulting (purchasing assistance, project management, maintenance and diagnostics)
    – IT training for general staff
    – work-flow and best use of IT
  • Infrastructure:
    – provisioning (desktops, networks, servers (Windows&Linux), Internet, data-centres)
    – provision of Systems and Network Virtualisation to save on cost, resources, enhance services and create redundancy
    – file storage (direct, NAS, SAN, and cloud) and protection
    – VOIP phone/video/chat communication services
  • Internet:
    – DNS, Web and Email setup
    – link establishment, security lock-down
    – (web) site filtering protection for business or home
  • Kiosk & Signage:
    – establishment of remotely managed terminals
  • Media:
    – provision of multi-media asset management system
  • Network:
    – establish redundant fail-over or load-sharing Internet links
    – establish redundant internal network structure
    – internal network devices/servers from a remote computer or office
  • Operations:
    – automated monitoring and alerts when Sensors, Systems, Network or Database parameters are exceeded
    – risk assessment and management
    – Task/Helpdesk Ticketing for IT management or for other departments
  • Project:
    – management of simple to complex
  • Security:
    – establish encrypted eMail, chat, voice/video/text chat services
    – implement threat management Internet gateway
    – incorporate secure password storage methodology
  • Smart phone:
    – integration (contacts, documents, email, web, notes, passwords)
  • Software:
    – advice and installation, upgrade
    – applications found to meet your business needs
    – configuration (printers, drivers, CRM, PDF, Office document applications)
    – open-source, free, readily available and developed for your industry
    – development for customised solutions
  • Web:
    – design and provisioning
    – SEO and analytics
  • Workstation:
    – classroom-style management of desktops and laptops with a “teacher see-all” capability
    – diagnosis and health check
    – lock-down and compliance
    – Open-Source software/applications alternatives
    – migration from Windows to Linux
    – migration from commercial software to open-source(free)