Services – Categorised by Needs Type


Achieving a sensible balance of convenience, security and cost is a always a challenge. For Begarin security is a paramount concern so we strive to ensure our customers have the best solution for their budget and needs.

Host and device lockdown

A compromised internal host can reek havoc on a network and is often difficult to detect. Severe wide-spread systems damage and data loss can occur via the simple connection of a hostile host to a network or the compromise of an existing network device. We offer host lock-down services to secure network equipment, Windows and Linux systems.


Post-incident analysis/forensics service

This service is necessary in situations where significant data “loss” has occurred and the nature of the loss needs to be expertly determined. The conduct of an auditor and the methods employed in the handling of sensitive information, it’s inspection and interpretation is an “art” requiring discretion, discipline and expert knowledge.  Begarin’s team members have extensive experience in the IT diagnostics so we don’t just know about “IT” but are intimate with most user environments.  Add to this our our professional handling of privacy and discrete enquiry, we can work in sensitive environments and situations



VPN and Perimeter solutions

Protecting your network from external threats is critical in securing your business. We specialise in Unified Threat Management (smart firewalls) hardware and software to intelligently: manage Internet links; provide network LAN services; perform traffic prioritisation; virus prevention; worm detection; and web content access restriction.


DMZ and LAN services

Securing your internal services is the first crucial step in ensuring that your infrastructure is resiliant to attackes. Design should consider internal attacks, failure from cable damage, signal loss/interferrence, and traffic utilisation/loading. Begarin’s staff have hand-on experience with providing such soultions from simple and complex.



Begarin provides most services design, implementation, management through to redesign. Our staff have build numerous server room and small datacenters, along with training and systems operations.

Storage solutions

We offer customers storage solutions (SAN, NAS, direct-attached) that cater for capacity, throughput and reliability.  Our NASs can replace file-servers and many other dedicated servers.  These range from simple disk packs through to RAID redundancy and even replication of entire storage units across geographic locations. Our team is experienced in network and fibre storage so can provide multi-host connectivity and high-performance access.



Monitoring Solution

An effective IT availability and monitoring solution is an enlightening tool which allows the user to better understand the interactions and performance within their IT environment – Systems, Network, Link Connectivity, Environmental+Sensors, Networked Devices
It is invaluable for capacity planning, incident response, incident analysis and prediction of future system issues. Configured thoughtfully it can automatically detect, report and respond to hacking attacks, malfunctioning/failed equipment/systems/networks and even provide meaningful historical visuals from other (business) databases.
Begarin offers an enterprise-class product with great performance in data gathering, scales to very large environments, and has an very extensive feature-set that supports virtually any popular client operating system.
The value of a monitoring system is best understood once you turn it off!


Facility Design

We are experienced in the building of server rooms with integrated ups, environmental controls and the provisioning of all equipment. A well-designed room should meet your current and future requirements with minimal disruption to existing systems.


Asset Management

Tracking your equipment and software is often a pressing and time-consuming task. Begarin are experienced with automated solutions to ease this task.



Networks are a critical infrastructure but also one of the weakest components in an IT solution. With the intimacy between servers, storage and network equipment, all these components should communicate as efficiently as possible. We can provide customers with high-performance networks that are designed with emphasis on security, redundancy, prioritisation and optimisation of the network traffic. We can provide WAN, LAN, VPNs, QoS Traffic optimisation, and link redundant solutions.


Application, Client and Proxy Servers

Protecting privacy, enhancing security or off-loading computing and network effort to a another server is a viable solution in situations of information sensitivity or limited Internet bandwidth. We offer a number of solutions of web VPN, web proxy, RDP, XDM and terminal services.


VOIP PBX telephony

With this technology customers can benefit from a network based phone/PBX system that outperforms traditional phone/PBX with cost, convenience and features. VOIP systems of suitable capability provide crystal clear, low-cost, private calls, and convenience. Begarin offers VOIP products based-on leading industry standards.



Begarin offers a number of services and products that address specific needs.

Web Services

Having a quality web site is essential in this modern business world. Begarin can provided customers with the full range of web services from establishing your company domain name, hosting it on the Internet, designing the style, populating it with meaningful relevant content, building the web pages/code, and ensuring the site is protected and maintained as vulnerabilities are publicised.  Weather it is a “find me by search” or “a direct inquiry site, we can deliver you a quality cutting edge production.


Determining the cause and subsequently the fix is a technical art. Begarin’s staff have extensive experience in this field with regards to servers, networks and systems security.


Task Ticketing

Job task management can be enhanced with an effective ticketing system that performs submission, tracking and later query of work requests with ease. We offer a task ticketing system that is web-based so is light on client hardware, runs on all operating systems, and can handle multiple departments and managers. For exacting needs we produce this in an online or offline capacity which can handle multiple sites and limited connectivity.


Work-flow Optimisation

Effective automation of workflows will assist in the coordination of tasks between people and systems to improve organisational response, efficiency and ultimately profit. We offer this service applying effective solutions whilst considering staff retraining and work-culture impacts.


Risk Assessment

Understanding a customer’s current IT risks along with knowing how to minimise them is a valuable factor in ensuring they can adequately manage their operations and protect assets. We have extensive experience in risk assessment and can provide customers with granular or high-level assessment along with appropriate rectification responses.


Casino Management System

When running casinos the need for accuracy and prompt information retrieval is a necessity. A quality CMS will provide automation and business intelligence to enhance an operation’s efficiency and better inform management of status and change. We offer an innovative Casino Management System that utilises the latest technologies to deliver a convenient, reliable and feature-full solution. This product is designed to address the needs of large, medium and small casinos.



Logistics Ticketing

We offer a system that manages and allocates tickets for logistical purposes. This can be adapted to airlines, shipping or in fact any ticket lodgement need including passenger embarkation. It is web-based so requires little client hardware capability and has a unique online/offline capability allowing it to handle remote infrequently connected transport.


Today Cloud storage and services are being the foremost delivery platform. Begarin is experienced in transferring in-house servers to the cloud and the effective methods using cloud services.

Virtual server rooms hosted in the cloud are now able to provide most or more features than that of a physical one. They are able to take advantage of multiple redundancy methods, auto-scaling, “access-anywhere”, and significant performance gains from regional and global data-centre locations. We can provide customers with a complete solution using this service framework.

Locating real or virtual servers into the cloud has definite advantages over “building-bound” traditional server environments. We can guide customers with this trasition. This technology provides multiple redundancy, auto-scaling of CPU/memory/disk, complemented with location at ISP grade data centres so speeding customer access and easing a client’s costs and hardware maintenance worries.

Utilising services from the cloud is often bewildering when choosing a suitable service for your long-term use. Considering features, cost and later migration to another provider are time consuming and daunting. Begarin utilises many of these itself so we can advise and implement these to business needs as desired.